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Business Headlines

On this page we've assembled links to stories from national business news sources including the Associated Press, CNN/Money, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and others.

Please let us know if you're aware of other important news sources we should add to this page.

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AP Business Headlines
DETROIT (AP) -- The cost of recalling nearly 7 million cars and trucks sank General Motors' first-quarter profit, but the company's CEO said the much-publicized recalls have yet to cut into sales....
Meredith Corp. says it is ending subscription service of "Ladies' Home Journal" due to declining advertiser interest....
DALLAS (AP) -- Even with the turbulence of severe winter storms and stubbornly high fuel prices, many of the major airlines are cruising and their stock prices are soaring....
NEW YORK (AP) -- Big companies are finally starting to spend money, and that could mean a better economy and more jobs are on the way....
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The federal government wants to ban sales of electronic cigarettes to minors and require approval for new products and health warning labels....
Wall Street Journal Headlines
Amazon is testing its own delivery network for the final leg of a package's journey to consumers' doorsteps. The new efforts will get Amazon closer to a holy grail of e-commerce: same-day shipping.
Apple, in a nod to restive shareholders, added $30 billion to its stock-buyback plan, raised its dividend about 8% and declared a 7-for-1 stock split.
Verizon lost wireless customers for the first time ever, as its rivals launched a bitter fight for new subscribers. It lost roughly 138,000 net postpaid phone customers in the first quarter.
Vic Gundotra, the executive in charge of Google+, announced his departure from Google, the latest sign of upheaval at the company's social network.
General Motors first-quarter results fell 82% but exceeded Wall Street's expectations, as the push to sell cars and trucks at higher prices in North America helped the auto maker offset the cost of model recalls.
CNNMoney Headlines
Apple wouldn't need a stock split if its growth were more exciting.
The tech world is still reeling from the Heartbleed Internet bug. It'll be with us for a while. Assume your online interactions aren't protected.
Read full story for latest details.
When Starbucks issues stock options to CEO Howard Schultz, it gets a tax break.
Read full story for latest details.
NY Times Business Headlines
The transaction, the latest in a wave of health care and pharmaceutical deals, will bring together two providers of orthopedic, surgical and dental products.

The Supreme Court battle over Aereo could cast a pall over the cloud computing industry. For consumers, though, Aereo is too inefficient to become a useful service.

Connoisseurs driving up the prices of rare and collectible wines have spurred a wave of counterfeiters who target collectors eager to flaunt their trophies.

The report by Institutional Shareholder Services is the biggest show of support yet for Daniel S. Loeb in his campaign to force change at the 270-year-old auction house.

A state panel said that 22 applicants paid a $1 million application fee, the first significant step in the bidding process for four new casinos in upstate New York.
USA Today Business Headlines
Confounding investors, 39 stocks hit despite topping profit views
They might not be as bad as they appear.
Winter weather affected revenue flow for U.S. airlines
Survey: 54% of Millennials would consider moving for better access to public transportation.
Drought spread and/or intensified this week in seven western and central states.
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