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Business Headlines

On this page we've assembled links to stories from national business news sources including the Associated Press, CNN/Money, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and others.

Please let us know if you're aware of other important news sources we should add to this page.

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AP Business Headlines
NEW YORK (AP) -- The theft of nude photographs from celebrities' online accounts has thrown a spotlight on the security of cloud computing, a system used by a growing number of Americans to store personal information over the Internet....
ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) -- Atlantic City's newest casino - and its biggest, costliest flop - went out with barely a whimper....
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- As federal investigators worked Tuesday to determine who stole and posted nude photos of several female celebrities online, the images continued to be removed from various sites....
NEW YORK (AP) -- Squeezed into tighter and tighter spaces, airline passengers appear to be rebelling, taking their frustrations out on other fliers....
DETROIT (AP) -- Big discounts. Six- or seven-year loans, in some cases to buyers who would have been turned down in the past....
Wall Street Journal Headlines
Growing numbers of U.S. businesses say they feel unwelcome in China amid a crackdown on monopoly pricing and corruption that they say unfairly targets foreign companies.
Even as economic indicators rise, domestic capital spending has remained anemic by historical standards and the nation's capital equipment base is getting long in the tooth.
Apple said it is investigating reports that vulnerabilities in its iCloud service were exploited to hack the accounts of celebrities, leading to the publication of nude photos and videos.
Home Depot is working with banks and law-enforcement agencies to investigate a potential breach of customer credit- or debit-card data.
Halliburton said it agreed to a $1.1 billion settlement covering a substantial majority of claims related to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico.
CNNMoney Headlines
Georgia dealers say Tesla shouldn't sell its cars directly to consumers.
History shows that the hacking and subsequent leaking -- as embarrassing and infuriating as it might be for Jennifer Lawrence -- probably won't impact the Oscar winner's career much if at all.
America's Baby Boomers are facing a housing crunch, with many expected to struggle to afford their homes come retirement.
Shares of cyber security companies FireEye and Palo Alto are rallying on the latest security breaches.
Read full story for latest details.
NY Times Business Headlines
The retailer said it was investigating a report that customer credit and debit card data was stolen from its systems and put up for sale online.

The Supreme Court’s decision in the Hobby Lobby case raises the question of how to define a “closely held corporation.”

The deal will bolster Norwegian Cruise Line’s ability to compete in the high-end part of the ocean cruise market by giving it control of Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises.

Katharine Weymouth, the publisher for almost seven years, will be replaced by Frederick J. Ryan Jr., a founder of Politico and a former Reagan administration official.

The company said it would monitor its suppliers after a food safety scandal in the country hurt the chain’s sales and reputation.

USA Today Business Headlines
When does the revolving door between politics and Wall Street start to bother you?
Apple says that some celebrity usernames and passwords were vulnerable to hacking, leading to the posting of nude photos online. Experts advise a two-step verification process to protect accounts. (Sept. 2)
Dunkin' Donuts is kicking powdered sugar in Starbucks' face. Which is the better investment
Hackers labeled the credit data "American Sanctions," hinting at possible ties to Russia.
Lucky investors just put the icing on what's been a remarkable run this year
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