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Business Headlines

On this page we've assembled links to stories from national business news sources including the Associated Press, CNN/Money, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and others.

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Associated Press
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, tapped by President-elect Donald Trump to head the Energy Department, said Thursday he regrets his infamous statement about abolishing the federal agency and insisted it performs a critical function....
WASHINGTON (AP) -- U.S. safety regulators have closed an investigation into a fatal crash involving electric car maker Tesla Motors' Autopilot system without seeking a recall, but they criticized the way the company markets the semi-autonomous driving feature....
NEW YORK (AP) -- Donald Trump has vowed his company will do "no new foreign deals" while he is president. But he's left "new" and "deals" open to interpretation....
WASHINGTON (AP) -- A medical device company in which Rep. Tom Price purchased stock last year has faced years of legal problems and agreed in December to a $17 million Justice Department criminal penalty in a foreign bribery case....
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Steven Mnuchin, Donald Trump's pick to lead the Treasury Department, on Thursday defended his handling of thousands of foreclosures during the height of the financial crisis, saying he had worked hard to assist homeowners to refinance so they could keep their homes....
Wall Street Journal
Railroad veteran Hunter Harrison tried twice to take over rival CSX Corp. and failed. But investors cheered Thursday the idea of letting him run CSX himself.
The de facto head of Samsung conglomerate told investigators probing his alleged role in a corruption scandal that South Korean President Park Geun-hye coerced him into contributing funds to entities linked to a friend of hers.
U.S. highway safety regulators closed a probe of Tesla Motors’ Autopilot system without seeking a recall or other action against the Silicon Valley auto maker after a six-month investigation failed to uncover a defect in the semi-automated technology in use during a fatal crash last year.
A Wall Street Journal analysis found that Google often pushes its growing list of hardware products, from Pixel phones to Nest smart thermostats, in the top ad spot above its search results.
The FTC’s lawsuit against Qualcomm is part of an escalating international regulatory battle that has laid bare tensions between the dominant maker of smartphone chips and some of its biggest customers.
Trump Treasury pick Steven Mnuchin defends his record on foreclosures at a confirmation hearing.
Tesla's Autopilot system was working as it was designed to in a fatal Florida crash, NHTSA said following an investigation.
Indian officials are touting a switch to biometric payments by 2020, eliminating the need for cash and cards altogether.
Some GOP governors who have expanded Medicaid under Obamacare don't want Congress to repeal it.
Struggling homeowners say they were misled by OneWest, the bank led by Treasury Secretary nominee Steven Mnuchin.
NY Times Business Headlines
The elites, perplexed by the rise of populist groups that are threatening to upend globalization, have expressed worries over what the new political order will mean.
Mr. Mnuchin, who is testifying before the Senate Finance Committee, also did not list his role as a director of an investment fund in the Cayman Islands on a questionnaire.
Martin Winterkorn, appearing in public for the first time since his resignation, told German lawmakers that he had not heard the term “defeat device” before the scandal broke.
The European Central Bank did not announce any major changes, but there is still plenty going on in the world of monetary policy.
Navient made serious mistakes at every step of the loan collection process, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said in a lawsuit.
USA Today Business Headlines
Steven Mnuchin outlines national economic goals as he defends his banking and financial career
Former Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn disavowed personal involvement in the scandal.
If your employer offers you free money for contributing to your retirement plan, take it. Otherwise, you'll be selling yourself short in the long run.
The company's former CEO named his boat the "Overdraft" to celebrate, the CFPB said.
“Time will tell” what impact these lawsuits have on borrowers. Borrowers should regularly check their student loan accounts to make sure their loans are being serviced correctly.
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