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This page lists headlines from the building industry new sources.

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In a survey from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), one-third of respondents thought that saving for a down-payment would be “very difficult” despite the fact that the average down payment is only six percent.

The City Council of Boulder, Colorado is currently considering loosening restrictive policies regarding the construction of accessory dwelling units (ADUs).

ADUs increase the density of a city without increasing its sprawl. They can be built to accommodate extra family members or to rent out for extra income, but their effect on neighborhood populations can make them controversial.

Recent analysis from SmartAsset ranked the nation’s most livable mid-sized cities. Highland’s Ranch, Colorado and Cary, North Carolina topped its list.

The Economic Innovation Group, a nonprofit research and advocacy organization, recently released a report and interactive tool showing the levels of economic distress in U.S. neighborhoods.

A recent national survey from Experian reveals that millennials are increasingly opting out of homeownership, the Washington Post reports.

Yahoo! Finance Headlines

It's Official -- the 2018 401(k) Contribution Limit Is IncreasingSavers can put even more money to work for their retirement in 2018.

Elon Musk is selling a boring black hat for $20 — and people are eating it up (TSLA)Elon Musk can officially sell anything — including a simple ball cap for a very nascent venture. The ultimate goal of the Boring Company is to build an underground tunnel network that can support cars or a Hyperloop, but currently it's digging a test tunnel in the SpaceX parking lot. Perhaps Musk is looking to get the word out with the $20 black hat that features the company's logo.

Trump's health subsidy shutdown could lead to free insuranceIf President Donald Trump prevails in shutting down a major "Obamacare" health insurance subsidy, it would have the unintended consequence of making free basic coverage available to more people, ...

The Yankee Greeter: Judge always the last man off for NYAaron Judge is the Yankee Greeter. A favorite to win AL Rookie of the Year and a contender for the league's Most Valuable Player Award, Judge jogs toward the dugout at the end of every defensive inning, ...

Branson: I met Trump once, and all he talked about was destroying people who wouldn't help his bankrupt firmThe billionaire Virgin Group founder says the meeting was focused on the fallout from the bankruptcy of one of Trump's companies.

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