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This page lists headlines from the building industry news sources BuilderOnline, BigBuilderOnline, Yahoo! Finance and others.

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HousingZone Headlines

A new report, Cities Safer by Design, from WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, offers guidance for designing safer streets and communities that can reduce traffic fatalities and improve people’s lives.

The report includes more than 30 specific urban design recommendations for urban planners and policymakers. It emphasizes two ways to improve traffic safety in cities. First, building and retrofitting urban environments to reduce the need for individual vehicle trips; and second, by reducing vehicle speeds in areas where cars, pedestrians, and cyclists mix.

The Gypsum Association has released the 21st edition of the Fire Resistance Design Manual. Revised every three years, GA-600 has been referenced by the model building codes as a source of fire resistive designs for more than 40 years.

The 2015 edition contains nearly 100 new systems that supplement existing assemblies for walls and partitions, floor-ceiling systems, area separation walls, and many others. Among these, are 20 new head-of-wall and base-of-wall systems that significantly expand the options for perimeter relief.

Fulton Homes, a Phoenix homebuilder, is offering owners the option of having a natural gas pump in the garages of their new houses to fuel cars with compressed natural gas.

The company says its new, 674-site Queen Creek Station is the first master-planned community in the country to offer the option. The pump is available as an upgrade for $6,000.

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Access to solar power is largely skewed toward affluent households. Of the roughly 645,000 homes and business with rooftop solar panels in the U.S., less than 5% are households earning less than $40,000, according to a report from the George Washington University Solar Institute.

Technology allowing people to work from remote, rural areas makes the “tiny house movement” attractive to more people, according to Getaway, a startup sprung from the Millennial Housing Lab, a Harvard Innovation Lab project.

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