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This page lists headlines from the building industry news sources BuilderOnline, BigBuilderOnline, Yahoo! Finance and others.

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HousingZone Headlines

The Department of Energy has released “Greenbelt Homes Pilot Program: Summary of Building Envelope Retrofits, Planned HVAC Equipment Upgrades, and Energy Savings.”

The report showcases Phase 2 of a 1,566-home cooperative energy efficiency program in Greenbelt, Maryland, and analyzes interior insulation options for potential interior upgrades.

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California Assembly Bill 2188 created a streamlined process for solar panel installation across the state, and it is beginning to have an effect.

By the end of September, cities must be in compliance with the new law, which should reduce the permitting process time from five days to three. Some smaller cities that have somewhat antiquated permitting procedures may see timetables shrink even more.

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Potential homebuyers have misconceptions about what they need to do to qualify for a mortgage, according to Wells Fargo’s second annual “How America Views Homeownership” survey.

Many of the survey respondents overestimated how high their credit scores, income, and down payments need to be to obtain a mortgage. About 45% said they believe they needed a credit score of 780 or greater to qualify for a loan and that they would have to put down 20%. Those standards are not required for all transactions.

The University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, has created a new roofing material made up of layers of specialized plastics over a layer of silver. It reflects sunshine, and the university says, stays 50 degrees cooler than current white roofs.

"Cool roofing reduces the severity of the urban heat island problem in towns and cities and helps eliminate peak power demand problems from the operation of many air conditioners," a researcher says.

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New guidelines from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development address “slight to moderate risk” for subterranean termites in the southern half of Minnesota.

Until recently, the risk of termite infestations in new Minnesota homes has been so slight that builders have been exempt from federal rules requiring inspections and treatment.

Buyers of unprotected homes will be unable to qualify for government-backed mortgages, so despite builder protests that termites are not an issue in Minnesota, they will have to comply with the code.

Yahoo! Finance Headlines
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