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This page lists headlines from the building industry news sources BuilderOnline, BigBuilderOnline, Yahoo! Finance and others.

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HousingZone Headlines

With federal officials with HUD and other agencies doing little, local municipalities and cities are looking to each other to determine how to handle the growing trend of tiny houses.

While some localities have rewritten building codes to become more tiny-house-friendly most have struggled to figure out the best way to allow tiny homes to be constructed while ensuring that they are safe.

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A recent report by the National Resources Defense Council, “A Tectonic Shift in America’s Energy Landscape,” documents the shift towards renewable sources of energy.

Among the findings:

Large power companies have entered the market for small-scale solar energy including residential rooftops.

The installation of solar panels grew by more than 50 percent in 2014 and is on track for another record-breaking year in 2015.

The utilities diving into the market in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, and Texas could make solar more affordable by boosting competition and driving down prices.

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Core Companies' plan for a mixed-income community that features a 1.5-acre urban agriculture space was approved by the Santa Clara City Council, despite it being less financially viable than others, according to city officials.

The city owned the parcel of land that had previously been owned by the University of California. City Council members were swayed by Core’s proposal because of the urban farm concept.

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Some residential builders in Alabama are already exceeding some of the state’s new energy-efficiency code requirements in their projects.

The Alabama Energy and Residential Codes Board recently adopted new codes aimed at making energy efficiency requirements 30% more efficient than the 2006 International Energy Conservation Code.

The new code promotes the use of Low E glass, mass wall exterior insulation, duct sealing for air handlers, no building cavities as supply ducts, a blower door test to assess air infiltration, and other air-seal-related provisions.

Yahoo! Finance Headlines
[Business Wire] - Comstock Holding Companies, Inc. today announced that it has been notified by the Nasdaq Stock Market that it has regained compliance with certain applicable Nasdaq Capital Market continued listing standards.
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