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Residential Real Estate Headlines

On this page we've assembled links to residential real estate stories from a variety of national news sources.

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A new report says that economic development officials seeking to revive underpopulated urban neighborhoods may be overlooking a promising population to help renovate distressed housing: immigrants.
In the market for a new home? Or planning to refinance? Find out what your monthly payment will be.
An auction for the first home Donald Trump lived in was postponed Wednesday hours before it was scheduled to begin.
Ever since Vancouver hit foreign home buyers with a 15% tax, Chinese investors are buying homes in Seattle.
After falling to the lowest level in 50 years, the U.S. homeownership rate bounced up slightly in the third quarter of this year.
Fewer and fewer homes may be for sale, but where they are flying off the shelves is out West, according to new pending home sales.
Homebuyers were not enticed by lower mortgage rates last week, and the drop was not enough to boost refinances either.
Real estate that houses pot production is in demand, and is about to become the first opportunity for investors to get in on marijuana.
September housing starts fell sharply, but the drops belies a big improvement for the market.
Wall Street Journal
This luxury period-style home on more than 50,000 square feet of land has a national park out the back door and is just a 90-minute drive from Sydney.
In Los Angeles, an abode that has housed generations of Hollywood legends can be the ultimate status symbol, but there are complications when it is time to sell.
Known as “Gemini,” the nearly 16-acre estate south of Palm Beach is one of the highest priced listings in the country
A creative director crafts a San Francisco home dedicated to daring, whimsy and fun.
Buyers value new, highly personalized houses—forget resales. This model has one happy side-effect: a flourishing of some of the world’s most wonderfully bizarre architecture.
Inman News
This week, hosts Brad Inman and Danielle Riley were joined by guests J. Philip Faranda and Leslie Ebersole, who were calling in live from the Zillow Premier Agent Forum. Faranda and Ebersole offer some valuable insights on marketing strategies that work along with sound advice on organic lead generation ...
Who doesn't love a good ghost story? It's that time of year, and we don't mind sharing our (possibly biased, but probably true) opinion that real estate agents have the absolute best ghost stories out of any profession ...
This week Re/Max founder Dave Liniger announced a dip into the lending sphere, we wrestled with a future of driverless cars and Zillow was busy launching a Facebook ad feature for agents. Here's what you had to say about all that and more ...
As Wall Street's highest ranking woman, Sallie Krawcheck has a track record of driving growth and spearheading innovative practices, from reimbursing individual investor clients during the financial downturn while serving as Citi Global Wealth Management's CEO and Chair, to launching Merrill Lynch's on-line offerings as CEO of the company ...
It seems like all we hear about today in regards to the overall workforce pertains to millennials and their youth. It’s no surprise given the fact that the majority of the U.S. population currently falls into that age bracket, and by 2020 the workforce is predicted to reflect this ...
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