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This page lists headlines from the building industry new sources.

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In a survey from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), one-third of respondents thought that saving for a down-payment would be “very difficult” despite the fact that the average down payment is only six percent.

The City Council of Boulder, Colorado is currently considering loosening restrictive policies regarding the construction of accessory dwelling units (ADUs).

ADUs increase the density of a city without increasing its sprawl. They can be built to accommodate extra family members or to rent out for extra income, but their effect on neighborhood populations can make them controversial.

Recent analysis from SmartAsset ranked the nation’s most livable mid-sized cities. Highland’s Ranch, Colorado and Cary, North Carolina topped its list.

The Economic Innovation Group, a nonprofit research and advocacy organization, recently released a report and interactive tool showing the levels of economic distress in U.S. neighborhoods.

A recent national survey from Experian reveals that millennials are increasingly opting out of homeownership, the Washington Post reports.

Yahoo! Finance Headlines

New $200,000 Tesla Roadster speeds in front of electric big-rig truckTesla Inc (TSLA.O) upstaged its own debut of an electric heavy duty truck on Thursday when a red Roadster pulled out of the big rig's trailer and Chief Executive Elon Musk said the new $200,000 sports car would be the fastest production car ever. As the presentation appeared to end, the Tesla Semi opened its trailer, and the Roadster drove out. The sports car with a removable glass roof is an updated version of Tesla's first production vehicle.

Forget Dividend Yield: This is the Real Way to Pick a Dividend StockThis factor is a much better indicator of strong dividend stocks.

GOP needs to 'call Sen. Johnson's bluff' and add more middle class tax cuts nowSenator Ron Johnson's defection proves the GOP must add more middle class tax relief to pass the reform bill, says Jake Novak.

Saudi Sheikdown: Arrested Royals Offered A Deal - Your Money For Your FreedomSaudi Arabia has reportedly offered arrested royals a way out by offering them to pay up to 70% of their wealth in return for freedom

Here is the letter the NFL sent to Jerry Jones' lawyer, accusing the Dallas Cowboys owner of 'detrimental' conductCNBC has obtained the letter to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones' lawyer David Boies from the NFL's outside counsel representing the compensation committee.

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