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Our unique collection of strategic alliance partners and in-house consultants bring decades of experience and have worked for some of the real estate industry's largest land and commercial developers, homebuilders and consulting firms on development projects throughout the United States.

With today's technologies, we can leverage this vast experience, take advantage of lower overhead and provide you with high-quality studies at a very competitive price whether it's residential, commercial, industrial or some mix of all uses.


Menu of Consulting Services


Economic Indicators 

Stop over-paying for data! Looking for current indicators such as building permits, job growth, unemployment rates, retail sales, housing sales and prices, rental rates or commercial real estate markets?  We have scoured the country for these sources so you don't have to!

Cost: Package prices vary depending on the complexity of research.

Turnaround time:  A few hours.


Reality Check 

Whether you call this a gut check or a reality check, the goal is the same:  an objective opinion on the merits of the real estate project in question.

Cost: $100 to $300/hour depending on the complexity of research.

Turnaround time:  A few hours.


In-House Feasibility Study

What is the current competitive posture for pricing and absorption in the appropriate market area?  Is it wise to spend more money on the due diligence required to close the deal?

Cost: $2,000

Turnaround time:  1 to 2 days


Intermediate Feasibility Study

By combining the insights gained from in-house analysis and conducting an on-site visit, we can get a much better sense of locational issues as well as key competitors impacting your project.

Cost:  $3,500

Turnaround time:  2 to 3 days


Competitive Market and Economic Overview

By tapping insights gained from in-house data analysis and field research, we can then review the assumptions the client has made for the project's revenue, sales rates, local job growth and where their buyers will be coming from.

Cost:  $6,500+ depending on complexity of the analysis and the project's location

Turnaround time: 5 to 10 days


Opportunity Analysis

Has the client selected the appropriate product for this particular building site? What other options should they consider?  This option can also include consumer research and focus groups.

Cost: $9,500+

Turnaround time: 10 to 20 days


 Demand Analysis

Who are the client's buyers for their product in that particular price range?  From where will they be coming, where do they work, and how do you translate them into buyers?

Cost: Variable depending on scope and complexity of assignment

Turnaround time: 10+ days


Affordable Housing Market Study

These studies generally conform to the guidelines set forth by state governments or the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development.  Builders of affordable housing must include them as part of their application packets for tax credits, tax-exempt bonds or HOME Funds to prove there is a need for their proposed project at a specific location.

Cost:  $4,000 to $7,500 depending on complexity of proposed project, income levels and populations served.

Turnaround time: 5-10 days

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