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Business Headlines

On this page we've assembled links to stories from national business news sources including the Associated Press, CNN/Money, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and others.

Please let us know if you're aware of other important news sources we should add to this page.

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Associated Press
Wall Street Journal
Papa John’s founder and recently ousted Chairman John Schnatter has recently held talks to merge the pizza-delivery company with Wendy’s.
The EU fined Alphabet’s Google $5 billion, a record for the bloc that could loosen the company’s grip on its biggest growth engine: mobile phones.
AmEx said that given its financial performance for the first half of the year, it now expects revenue for the year to increase at least 9%.
Fifteen years after the Concorde last flew, investors, plane makers and equipment suppliers are pushing to revive superfast airliners and business jets. But will regulators go along—and will passengers be willing to pay?
UnitedHealth Group is among suitors exploring an acquisition of Tenet Healthcare’s health-care-management subsidiary, as the industry giant pursues further expansion.
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Facebook's CEO walked back statements that appeared to defend people who post holocaust denials on the social network.
Amazon says it sold 100 million products.
Uber announced two new hires devoted to data privacy and security on Wednesday.
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NY Times Business Headlines
David Streitfeld has covered technology for years for The Times. He thinks the Luddites are misunderstood.
Critics say the company has not done enough to block false posts that have led to attacks in countries including Sri Lanka, Myanmar and India.
European officials hit the internet giant with the record penalty for abusing its power in the smartphone market, the region’s latest move to rein in the clout of tech companies.
Our newly engaged tech columnist tried to use tech to plan his wedding. He was immediately overwhelmed by the complexity of the process.
The United States government once invested mightily to build the modern world. Now it has abdicated that role to a foreign rival.
USA Today Business Headlines
Col. Sanders' descendants react to "lies" John Schnatter is spreading about the KFC founder.
The barbering industry has only a small number of women, but young entrepreneur Cassandra Kazz Mendoza is breaking barriers by opening her own small business.
The Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association announced a class-action lawsuit against a company that it claims distributed faulty seeds.
Russia dropped from the list of top U.S. Treasurys holders in the months before President Donald Trump met with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, a new Department of the Treasury report shows. Russia is no longer among the top ten foreign holders of Treasury bonds, bills and notes.
I’m 64. My credit score is about 656. Because of different reasons over a long period of time — including unemployment and health issues — I accumulated credit card debt of about $50,000.
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