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Custom Economic Reports

Custom Monthly and Quarterly Economic Updates for

  • Home Builders and Developers
  • Building Product Manufacturers and Contractors
  • Real Estate, Land and Business Brokers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Trade Associations
  • City, County and State Governments
  • Government Associations
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Political Districts (city, county, state, federal)
  • Political Candidates

Economic Indicators including

  • Monthly Job Growth Comparisons
  • Monthly Jobs-to-Population Ratios
  • Monthly Jobs-to-Household Ratios
  • Monthly Unemployment Rates
  • Monthly Unemployment Claims
  • Monthly Unemployment Claims-to-Population Ratios
  • Monthly Building Permits
  • Monthly Building Permits-to-Households Ratios
  • Monthly Building Permits-to-Jobs Ratios
  • Monthly Home Price and Sales Activity
  • Monthly Home Sale Inventory and Days on Market
  • Monthly Home Rental Costs
  • Monthly Housing Affordability Ratios
  • Monthly Foreclosure Activity
  • Monthly Airport and Sea Port Traffic
  • Quarterly Gross Domestic/Metro Product
  • Quarterly Retail Sales
  • Quarterly Housing Vacancy & Homeownership
  • Quarterly Commercial Real Estate Trends
  • Quarterly Median Wages by Industry
  • Quarterly Employment by Industry
  • Quarterly Establishment Count by Industry
  • Annual Census Data Updates 

Standard Data Sets by Geography

 Click here to download a .pdf version of these indicators by geography.

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