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Client Testimonials

We hired Patrick to complete Market Studies for our 60-unit Hillcrest Project in Thousand Oaks. This project is complex with multiple populations and income levels but he handled the analysis with ease. This project is using State HOME funds which are notoriously stringent when evaluating Market Studies but with his help we were able to get a perfect score on this part of our application. If you are looking for a thorough, responsive, and high quality person and company to complete a Market Study we would definitely recommend Patrick and MetroIntelligence."

-- Alexander Russell, VP of Housing, Many Mansions


“Patrick is a walking library of Real Estate knowledge. Since we starting working together on projects, he has helped to improve my perspective on changes in the residential and commercial markets, and how they relate to other segments of the economy. His economic knowledge extends beyond just real estate, giving him unique skills in the workplace. He's an outstanding writer as well. I think anyone who works with Patrick will benefit as I have. I highly recommend him to anyone who is thinking about contracting with him for his services!”

-- Brad Kemp, Director of Research, Beacon Economics


“Patrick Duffy is the lead columnist for our Flagship magazine Builder and Developer. Patrick is a home building industry insider with his fingers firmly on the pulse of the home building business. Always creative and analytical, Patrick calls it as he sees it and is usually right on the money. Possessing of a great literary style and wonderful turn of phrase, Patrick's articles and blog are analytical, interesting and informative and a 'must read' component to any home building executive's in-tray. I have no hesitation recommending Patrick Duffy for any assignment. My colleagues and I continue to enjoy and benefit from our relationship and look forward to working with Patrick well into the future.”

-- Nick Slevin, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Peninsula Publishing


"Fun to be with and great sense of humor!"

-- Patrick Duffy, Principal, MetroIntelligence Real Estate Advisors

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